Marathon Season, Paleo-Style: Endurance Cardio Without the Oats

Marathon Season, Paleo-Style: Endurance Cardio Without the Oats

I was a runner, though not marathon runner, for most of my life. Around 58 I snapped my achilles and never quite got back to running distances. So I have never tried to “run” and be paleo at the same time. This is an excellent article discussing the normal carb build up prior to long runs and the the paleo lifestyle.

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Marathon Season, Paleo-Style: Endurance Cardio Without the Oats

If you’re a runner, you already know what time of the year is rapidly coming up: race season.

Late summer through early winter is the most crowded time of the year for outdoor races – presumably, the idea is that you’ll be able to train outside all summer, and then run the actual race when it’s cooled down a little so you don’t have to slog through 26.2 miles in 95-degree heat.

If you’re a Paleo runner, you might be starting to gear up for a long race right about now, whether it’s a full marathon, a half, or your favorite variety of endurance-focused obstacle race.

Unfortunately, most training plans for longer races (10+ miles) include some very un-Paleo nutritional advice, mostly revolving around oatmeal, whole-wheat toast, and pasta. So what’s going on here? Can you eat Paleo while training for a race? Can you carb-load on Paleo? Do you need to carb-load at all? Are Marathons Paleo?

Let’s start with an even more basic question: is endurance cardio even inside the scope of Paleo-friendly activity?

Cardio isn’t bad; it’s the “more is always better” attitude . Cardio as a mode of exercise is perfectly fine. It has health benefits like any other exercise, and it’s not dangerous unless you push it to crazy extremes – in which case the problem is the crazy extreme, not the cardio.

But isn’t running a marathon a crazy extreme?

It’s certainly very intense. Running something like a marathon provokes an intensely inflammatory immune response. It’s also a pretty extreme cardiovascular challenge. Sudden cardiac death during marathons happens – rarely, but it happens.

But on the other hand, it’s possible to recover from running a marathon. Human bodies are amazingly resilient. Your body’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defenses kick in immediately to handle the inflammatory response, and given enough recovery time, the cardiac stress can have a hormetic effect that makes your heart stronger in the long run.

You don’t need to run marathons to be healthy. You don’t need to run at all to be healthy, if you don’t want to. For optimum health, it’s probably better to limit your marathon-running to rare events, and it’s even reasonable to say that the actual 26.2 miles you run on race day probably won’t improve your health by much (although several months of regular training runs probably will). But given appropriate training and nutrition, and enough time to recover, most people Click here to view original article Marathon Season, Paleo-Style: Endurance Cardio Without the Oats

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