Mediterranean Grilled Chick...

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

I eat a ton of chicken since converting to the Paleo Lifestyle. That said, I truly love chicken so the transition has been very easy. But having variety really does make the whole process work. You really want to try out this particular recipe as it provides a bit of “jazz” to your typical chicken […]

Eggs In Sweet Potato Nests

Eggs In Sweet Potato Nests

One of my toughest things to get over by being Paleo is not having hash browns for breakfast. Switching to sweet potatoes helps dramatically! Check out this great breakfast sweety! Comment below your thoughts… Eggs and sweet potatoes are a classic Paleo breakfast : switch it up a little by trading the omelet-and-baked-potato combo for […]

Paleo Sesame Teriyaki Chick...

Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Wings

I am a huge fan of chicken wings and this is close to the best recipe ever. Your really need to try it out – and comment below on your thoughts based on this article! Well hello you beautiful person, you. Juli Bauer here from PaleOMG . I’m a girl who loves the simple things […]

Eat This: Olives

Eat This: Olives

Here is some great information on Olives that I had no idea about. What about you? Olive oil is one thing – it’s an essential flavor for any well-stocked kitchen, and the health benefits are so well-known that it’s the poster child for “good fat.” But what about the actual olives themselves? They’re not just […]

Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook...

Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook “Peanut” Butter Cream Pie (+ This Weeks Book Tour Stops)

I love my Paleo Desserts and this one is especially rich… Whatever. It may be because her background is in professional You guys, I must love you very very much to be sharing such a special recipe with you guys from my newest cookbook, Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. But I’m feeling super excited about this […]

Gazpacho (Cold Vegetable So...

Gazpacho (Cold Vegetable Soup)

While I love soups, summers in Georgia do not exactly make you craving hot, steaming soup.  So the solution is to to find really tasty cold soups and none is better than what we have here… Yep, it’s getting to be about that time of the year again. You know, when it’s just too dang […]

Is the Term “Paleo Dessert”...

Podcast Episode 12: Paleo Desserts

One of the things that has made converting to the Paleo Lifestyle and my happy weight loss is the fact my Son makes amazing Paleo Cookies.  Paleo desserts allow me to feel like I am cheating, even when I am still being “paleo” good. That is why this is such a great podcast… Paleo Desserts! […]

Gigantic Paleo Food Giveawa...

Gigantic Paleo Food Giveaway (over $1,127 worth of goodies!!)

This is a pretty amazing offer and one I highly recommend you take advantage of now… Giveaway_food_ 600×300 Are you tired of giveaways yet? YOU BETTER NOT BE!! Because you had the chance to win beauty products , Thrive Market shopping spree , 2 amazing Blendtec’s , and KitchenIQ gadgets and knives and now I’m […]

10 Finger Lickin’ Good Pale...

10 Finger Lickin’ Good Paleo Chicken Wing Recipes

      I absolutely love chicken wings, spicy and otherwise!  Here is a really simple but amazing tasting recipe you just have to check out…   Chicken wing recipe compilation Who doesn’t love chicken wings? You can pretty much throw any ingredient on some wings and it’s bound to be good. We love them […]

Real Plans: Paleo Meal Plan...

Real Plans: Paleo Meal Plans Made Smart, Tasty, & Easy!

The hardest thing for me trying to stay consistent on the Paleo Lifestyle is having enough variety in my meals so I don’t get bored with what I am eating and start thinking about something I shouldn’t eat. That is where simple, tasty recipes that don’t require a ton of planning (shopping for me) and […]